Within the scope of confectioning and packaging we offer the following services:


  1. Packaging in the horizontal machines flow-pack type – products such as: household chemistry, newspapers, sponges, scourers, soaps, wipes, household appliances, promotion leaflets etc. packaging made of polyurethane foam.

2. Lamination of polyurethane foam, melamine, cellulose, etc.

3. Processing of foam:

– Cutting by the horizontal saws

– polyurethane foams and heavy foams

– Foam cutting by horizontal and vertical contour cutting machine

– Cutting of profiles

– Details lamination

– Foam milling

4. Packaging and filling with materials and powdery raw materials in vertical machines, board machines:

– bottles or other containers (capacity from 100 ml) of HDPE and PET

– cardboard boxes (capacity from 300 g to 15 kg)

– PE bags, paper and jute bags