Fabric softener


FABRIC SOFTENER “FRESH & CARE” makes fabrics soft and pleasant to touch. It gives your clothes a delicate and pleasant smell. Suitable for use in automatic washing machines and for hand washing (18 ml of liquid per 10 l of water).

Fabric softener Fresh & Care:
– makes clothes soft and pleasant to touch – the liquid envelops every single fibre of the material so the fabrics become even softer
– gives the clothes a delicate and pleasant smell – our specially developed fragrance is delicate and won’t overwhelm you by its intensity
– provides longer freshness – fragrance microparticles deeply penetrate the material and release the fragrance gradually, maintaining the freshness of washed fabrics for even longer
– is efficient – concentrated formula of the liquid lasts for even longer
– is suitable for hand washing – delicate formula of the liquid is non-irritating and gentle on the skin of your hands

Three fragrances: Magic, Breeze and Sensual.


Available packages:

  • bottle – 4 l