We offer a wide range of polyurethane foams in processed form (sheets, details, form details profiled by the computer), as well as ready-made prefabricated and foam details- different kinds of sponges, pads and many other products made of polyurethane foam based on customer’s orders and drawings.

We offer polyurethane foams in the following types:

  • standard polyether foam, density from 14 to 40 kg / m3;
  • highly flexible HR foam, density from 23 to 60 kg / m3;
  • secondarily foamed – rebonded, density from 60 to 200 kg / m3;
  • highly flexible – memory foam (LAZYFOAM);
  • technical polyurethane foam;
  • polyester, laminated, glued, self-adhesive foam;
  • foam filter.

Our products are used:

  • for upholstered furniture production;
  • for packaging production;
  • as a sealing material;
  • as filters;
  • in the clothing industry;
  • for the mattresses production.
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