With kitchen equipment, appliances, furniture and cookware being used on a daily basis, keeping your kitchen clean requires constant and consistent effort, and, above all, the use of proper cleaning products as well as various kitchen scourers, cloths and sponges.

Tidiness and cleanliness in your kitchen is a must as this is where you prepare your meals. Baked-on grease, burnt-up pots and pans, leftover food residues – these are examples of dirt and soil that you have to tackle in your kitchen on a daily basis. In order to be able to deal with them effectively you not only need all-purpose kitchen scourers for cleaning dishes, cutlery, pots and other utensils but also special-purpose products, such as those for cleaning teflon surfaces, steel pots, china and glassware. All of these products are part of Velvet’s product offering. These include, among other things, wire sponges, traditional kitchen scourers with a scrubbing pad, also available in profiled versions, or scourers for delicate surfaces, such as teflon and stainless steel.
Even if you have a dishwasher, there are some items that just cannot go in there. Besides, washing the dishes is not the only kitchen task. Other kitchen surfaces that require cleaning, wiping or even scrubbing include tabletops, kitchen units, hotplates, refrigerators, wall tiles, sinks, the floor. So you cannot help but use professional-grade kitchen cloths and scourers. Our products ensure that even most stubborn soil and dirt is effectively removed, and their high quality and durability makes them last longer.