Increasing air pollution levels and everyday use cause household items to get dirty quickly. If you want to keep your home clean, you need professional-grade cleaning and washing products, various pads, kitchen cloths and sponges.

Key products making up our product offering include professional cloths suitable for all household tasks. They will prove themselves in practice – in your daily routine of cleaning the kitchen, bathroom and other areas. We recommend, among other things, universal rough cloths for cleaning and removing ingrained, persistent dirt, special cloths for floor cleaning, reliable, soft sponge cloths, suitable for a variety of practical uses in every household. Our kitchen cloths will make it easier for you to carry out all those kitchen tasks involving cleaning and washing. They absorb moisture readily and are effective in removing dirt from various surfaces – table tops, floors, fittings, cabinets, tiles. As our cloths are made from durable fibre, they are very durable and effectively tackle dried soil and stains, remove dirt, and do not leave streaks, scratches or lines on the surface being cleaned. All you need to do is to wipe the surface to make it perfectly clean..
A kitchen that is tidy and well looked after is an ideal setting for cooking. Velvet’s product range includes professional-grade kitchen cloths that are both indispensable in fighting various types of dirt, helping to keep your environment clean, and are also pleasant to use, markedly improving the comfort of your kitchen.