SmartWash is a handy sachet with a concentrated washing powder or stain remover. You no longer need to worry about spilled powder or measuring the right amount of detergent. We have developed one product so that laundry becomes a pleasure and takes even less time. The revolutionary SMARTWASH washing bags is a guarantee of convenience and savings.
The secret of their effectiveness lies in the unique combination of the strength of the powder or stain remover with the material absorbing colour particles, so that the fabric does not taint during washing. The product also has the properties removing bacteria, and its application is very easy. Just drop the bag into the bottom of the washing machine. Thanks to this, the powder has direct contact with the washed fabrics. One bag is suitable for one cycle. Doing laundry has never been easier

The SMARTWASH series includes:

Did you know that…
When washed, fabrics release colour molecules into the water. It is not always visible to the naked eye, like a red sock stain tangled in white bedding. Lack of proper protection causes that microscopic colour molecules to settle on other fabrics during washing. Over time, we can notice fading of the original colour of clothes.
Therefore, our experts have combined the power of concentrated powder with the power of the material preventing the tainting of clothes. As a result, your clothes are protected against the release of colour molecules from fabrics during every wash, and additionally the positively charged bag attracts the bacteria, leaving your clothing free of germs.