The detergent is the most popular product for washing clothes and other textiles used in households.
Velvet has an extensive experience in the production of professional detergents that guarantee high quality and effectively remove dirt. We offer both universal detergents and detergents intended for coloured or whites fabrics. The special formula developed by our company makes the washed fabrics clean, fragrant and pleasant to the touch.
The removal of dirt and stains is as important as the preservation of colour; no one needs a powder that removes dirt, along with the colour. Velvet detergents protect colours against fading, and white from turning grey. They allow you to get rid of contaminants, and are at the same time delicate to fabrics. Thanks to the application of a modern formula, the fabrics retain their properties for a long time.

The detergents we produce are perfect cleaning products, intended for various types of fabrics, available in different packaging sizes. An additional advantage is the safety of use and attractive price.
Many consumers make informed choices of the best washing products. Our company responds to the needs of demanding customers by offering high quality detergents that deeply penetrate into the fibre to remove dirt, without destroying the fabric.