Dishwashing liquid is one of the main detergents used in the kitchen. Delicate surfaces such as Teflon, decorative dishes or wooden boards, are not dishwasher safe. That is why a dishwashing liquid is essential in the kitchen. The Fresh Crystal series is not only dishwasher products, but also a super-concentrated dishwashing liquid. Specially developed formula helps remove grease and other dirt, leaving the dishes immaculately clean and free of streaks. Fresh Crystal liquid is available in two fragrances: lemon and apple. The fruity scent of the liquid floats above the sink for a long time, which makes the dishwashing more pleasant. Dishwashing will never be a problem again. Fresh Crystal liquid, thanks to the active foam, effectively removes resistant dirt.

Did you know that…
To use the dishwashing liquid as efficiently as possible, dispense it onto a washing-up cloth. This will save liquid, because to wash a few dishes, you usually need 3-4 drops of liquid.